Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our new home!

So here's the thing...before Jaron and I got married we always joked that we would live in a box and still be happy because we had eachother. Of course we never actually thought this would happen, but due to our immense desire to get out of debt and get Jaron's new business off the ground, we have officially chosen to LIVE IN A BOX!!! How long you ask? As long as it takes!
We found this 31' trailer on Craigs list, and the guy agreed to take payments. That, to me, is a miracle in itself. We will officially own our home in one year!
But really, it is very nice for a travel trailer. It has a large 4' popout that provides play space for the little guy, ice cold AC, washer/dryer, queen bed, nice couch bed for little Jaron to sleep on, fridge, microwave, table, oven, counter space with 2 bar stools, a good-sized full bathroom, CD player with surround sound, and a little TV with DVD/VCR. There is enough storage space to keep everything we need. For those less essential items, we've rented a small storage unit. Yes, it will be tight, but it will also be worth it in the end. We decided that we'd rather sacrifice now than pay later.
As for daily activities, little Jaron and I utilize all the community's assets including the clubhouse and pool. It is really a nice neighborhood...it is a 55+ neighborhood, but young-ins are allowed in the RV spaces.