Monday, January 26, 2009


Nothing terribly new regarding our living situation except that I am getting a job substitute teaching for Safford Public Schools until our next BABY is born (June 27th). Big Jaron is taking Calculus II at Eastern Arizona College, where I also teach college trumpet lessons (and love it!). Next semester will be Calculus III and Differential Equations, and then he is out of classes to take until we get out of Safford to continue with school. We are looking to consolidate the business loans so that we can progress more quickly with that. Despite the economy we aren't out of business yet, but we are pinching every penny we've got to keep it afloat. Jaron can't wait to be rid of the burden so that he can finish what he started in college. Only time will tell. At least we will have plenty of interesting stories to tell our kids! Life certainly turns out different than you expect....
Here is a picture of little Jaron, myself, and my family (dad, sister Marina, and brother Vova (in Ukraine on his mission). Mom is taking the picture and poor big Jaron is still working drywall, so that is why he is not present in this photo.

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The Olsen's said...

Congrats on the pregnancy news! That is awesome. I'm happy for you guys! Hey, could you tell Jaron that Natalie Nielson (Olsen) says hi! I'm glad you guys are doing well! :)