Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Introducing Stephen Douglas Fletcher! Yes, I know Stephen Douglas was a historical figure (politician), but the name actually originates from Stephen, my dad, and Douglas is my grandfather's name. I respect the honor and integrity for which these men live their lives and hope that little Stephen Douglas will emulate them.
So little Stephen was born June 17th, 12:49 pm, and weighed 7 lbs 6 oz. I enjoyed not pushing for an hour as I had to do with little fatty (little Jaron was 9 lbs 1 oz!) However, after requesting an epidural it took them an hour to come save my life, so that part of labor was not so enjoyable. I got to about 8 cm before they finally got there. I nearly hyperventilated and they had to put an oxygen mask on me because I was feeling faint. My wonderful husband took the day off to come be with me. He read short stories to me by O' Henry until I was in too much pain to listen further. He left for a short time and came back with several items, including my glasses, because he was concerned that I be able to see the baby. Is that not cute or what? I have the best husband in the whole world.
So little Stephen is the sweetest baby! I was prepared for a terror child because I thought I was blessed with an easy baby the first time, but this little guy is super easy going! I was pleased the first time I heard him cry because it wasn't wreched, and mostly he just squeaks when he is sad. He likes to make noises like he is clearing his throat. He is also a champion nurser. It came easy to this guy; he's a pro. I must say that it helps that his mouth is much bigger than little Jaron's was. And he sleeps very well at night. How did I get so lucky?
Little Jaron seems to be doing very well. I can't believe how much bigger and older he appears to me after having had another baby. It almost makes me sad; the time is going by too fast! Someday he won't be my little boy anymore...he will be a man! Crazy thought. As for his adjusting, I am not an overly doting mother, so he is used to me not giving him my full attention all day every day. I can tell that he is a bit angst (he has been hitting a little bit and can be rough with little Stephen/rough in general, which isn't like him) but for the most part he seems to really like his new brother. I have been trying really hard to include him in everything. I let him take a bath in the baby's bathtub (Jaron called it a boat), he likes to help me change the baby's diaper and put the pacifier in the baby's mouth. He also likes to hide poor Stephen under his baby blanket and say, "Where did he go?" and then take the blanket off and yell, "There he is!" He thinks the baby needs a pillow if he is lying on the baby blanket, so he is always bringing me "baby's pillow" (which is actually one of his own that he wants to share). (By the way, I think it is so cute the way Jaron uses the possessive tense now, e.g., Daddy's book or Mommy's chair, etc.) He likes to kiss little Stephen and smother him (hug him) and he has no reservations about picking him up in his arms (kinda scary), but he actually does a pretty good job of picking him up and cradling him correctly without any help from me at all. Sometimes I have to stop Jaron from trying to tear little Stephen away from me (often by his head), but at least he is excited to hold him, eh? He is always asking me to "share" the baby. And if little Stephen starts to cry he hands him right back to me (as if to say, 'I don't want to deal with him now; you can have him back!'). I do have to monitor Jaron 24/7 to make sure he doesn't accidentally suffocate or hurt the baby. We even put a lock on the baby's room door because little Jaron can climb into the crib in about 2 seconds.
I sure am happy to have two of the cutest kids on the planet. I thank the Lord for entrusting me with these sweet, precious spirits.


Jules Westlake said...

Congratulations, he is sooo cute! What a blessing to have a good baby, especially with two kiddos now. :)

Brookelyn said...

i want to see him!!!!!!!!! He's adorable