Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Yay!

As you can see, Stephen has figured out what a camera does and loves being the center of attention.

Pumpkin carving is a VERY important, mandatory Halloween activity in my family, so we attempted it with both kids this year, which they enjoyed despite not being allowed to play with the knives. Jaron liked drawing on/telling me how to carve the pumpkin and Stephen enjoyed playing in the goo.
My husband joined in the chili cook-off contest this year and made an amazing dish! It didn't win, but I thought it would have been an appropriate second place winner (the one I liked best didn't win either). I was grateful for the chili because it opened up my sinuses (I hab a code).

As you can see, Jaron was buzz lightyear (there were only four other buzz lightyears at our ward party....) and Stephen was an economy-style Woody (we just used stuff we already had). We couldn't really keep his hat on so I wore it most of the night. Jaron loved trick or treating and has been looking forward to that all month! He was so darn cute because I wouldn't let him pig out on the candy at the ward party until we had gone trick or treating, but I allowed him to hold the candy as long as he didn't eat it. He was true to the end and held it excitedly but obediently. So cute! I don't let him have candy much...or at all really...but I allowed him five candies of his choice at the end of the night. I was anticipating some form of whining or a tantrum but he was utterly pleased, chose five (three smarties, a small bag of whoppers, and a lollipop), and savored every one. He didn't devour it like I thought he would, but took his time. He was so happy! He was excited about the candy but he is quite a simple boy. He gets pretty excited about the festivities of holidays (*like his Grammy Cronin--I think it is in his genes) without the presents or candy.
His favorite part of Halloween were the pumpkins in every store. I bought him a pumpkin at the farmer's market for a dollar at the beginning of the month and I swear it was the best dollar I ever spent. He took that thing everywhere! It didn't last particularly long because he poked holes in it with a pen, threw it like a ball (we discouraged that), rolled it down the stairs, and drew all over it, but we bought another one the next week because he loved it so much.
How do you like my stellar pumpkin carving skills? Yeah, I know I'm good. Look, the cat has ears!


Brookelyn said...

they're so freakin cute!!! i loveed your economy-style cowboy haha good stuff

Sherri Romney said...

I'm glad you updated!!!!!! I love love love the photo's and the stories. Such a sweet family!

The Candlands said...

Yay! An update! I love reading about what you guys are up to and the pictures are a treat! I think their Halloween costumes are adorable! Good job on the pumpkins!

You guys should do what we are doing for November (Thanksgiving). We kicked the month off with FHE about an "Attitude of Gratitude" and we put butcher paper on the wall with a sign. We challenged each other to write down things we are grateful for! It's kinda fun. We have serious ones, and funny ones, but it might get little Jaron in the mind frame for Thanksgiving! Love you guys! Keep the updates going!

loriham said...

What fun!!