Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our sorta-new House!

We have finally taken the time to post a picture of our miracle home.  Bought August of last year.  Cheaper than rent (by a longshot!)  Our miracle house (:  We love the front yard.  And the boys love the backyard!  Since moving in we have built a chicken coup (complete with chickens) and a fence around the garden area (which takes up about 1/3 of the yard).  We installed a second-hand swing-set and there are pathetic little patches of grass in the play area, but one day it will be luscious! 

This is one side of the living room.  We painted it olive green  (:  There sits my pride and joy: my 1926 player piano.  We keep all the scrolls in the chest beside it (and it is totally full).  Notice the flowers on top of the piano?  Those are origami creations from Marina's wedding.  Marina is amazing!

This, of course, is the kitchen.  It used to be orangy-green (ick!) and we painted it yellow.  It is usually bright and cheery, but we took this photo late in the day.  We keep our grocery bags in the dishwasher (the dishwasher works just fine) and we hand-wash all of the dishes.  Notice to your left, the home of Buzzoopter the beta fish (hybrid of "Zoopter" (Jaron's contribution) and "Buzz" (Stephen's contribution)).  I grow alfalfa every day (see jar on the ledge above the fish) and I have managed to keep these plants alive for months!  Yay me!

 The garage has been converted into a 3rd bedroom.  There is still 5 feet left in the actual garage...just enough space for a push mower and some boxes.  The bedroom behind it is in the shape of a right-angled "W," if you can imagine that.  It's perfect for the kids!  There's room for a twin bed in each "angle" of the "W," two sliding door closets (where we keep all of the toys), and LOTS of play space. We have converted the second bedroom into a deluxe office space, complete with three six-foot -long tables, three computers, and all the possible digital converting instruments imaginable.  Jaron is optimistic that his new business, "Infosavers," is going to rock this world!  And I agree.  

This is Spiderman.  He lives in the rafters above our house.

Birthday for Stephen!

On Stephen's 3rd birthday I made homemade party blowers out of straws!
 Yes...only YOU can prevent forest fires.
 And we mustn't forget these amazing homemade party hats (one for each member of the family)  
 Mmmmmm!  Hommade banana cake!  My favorite!  And no party is complete without carob-date-cashew-banana-peanutbutter ice cream!

Garage Sale

After Stephen's birthday, Jaron was feeling sorry that he did not own a toy as cool as the one Stephen got (a deluxe Buzz Lightyear...Stephen is a bit obsessed as you can see below).  So little Jaron suggested that we could sell some of his own toys at a garage sale to earn some money for a new toy.  I was hesitant at first...but then decided, "Why not?"  We got some toys together, put up signs, and set up a table, complete with lemonade stand.  He earned $11.  And from his profits he purchased a small Lego set.  (I helped a little, but don't tell....)
When people would drive by without stopping, Jaron would ask, "Why doesn't anybody care?"  He was actually quite a persistent salesman!  If anyone acted interested, he'd pressure them to buy!  One guy gave him a dollar, just because.  Another gave him a quarter just so he could leave WITHOUT a toy car.  


Jaron has been attending basketball practice over the past two weeks.  He had his first game on Saturday and shot the ball twice (yay!)  He genuinely seems to like it and he loves his coach.  He is a bit clueless as to how basketball works, but I blame that on myself....


As much as every parent wants their son to be a jock, I don't think Jaron has too much interest in that.  He spends most days "working," as he says, on projects.  His other passion is Pokemon (we rent them from the library).  He and Stephen use Easter eggs as Poke-balls when they play.

 On this particular day I was able to convince Jaron to pass a basketball back and forth with me.
 rest time.  always rest time.

And we can't forget that Jaron is the "chicken..." or... "pigeon" whisperer.  He's our Doctor Doolittle.  Stephen and he captured, cared for, and observed this poor wounded creature.  Jaron wanted to put tape over its beak to "heal" it.  I didn't let him get that far.  (:  


Danielle said...

FInally! Where have you been all my life?!?! Good to hear you are all doing well!

debrajo said...

Love your house! The pics look like they could be in a magazine. :)

We LOVE lemonade stands, too. The memories are SO worth it.