Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lost my Keys...and other stuff

Late again!  I rushed out the door with my groggy son who was rudely awakened from his nap and then drove like a speeding demon to my son's school.  I despise waiting in car lines, so I always park about 1/4 mile away across a dirt field full of desert weeds and walk across.  FYI I'm the only crazy parent who does this lol.  My still-sleepy four-year-old refused to walk/run with me, so I grabbed him up and ran the distance to the walk-up line.  *Days when you realize how very out of shape you are*  Once we retrieved my son Jaron and walked back to the car, I realized that my keys were gone.  I realized that I must have dropped the keys between the car and the school...I had literally just lost my keys in a field.  I was pretty upset and annoyed, ran up and down the field in 110 degree heat a few times in search of them without any luck, and then patted myself on the back for at least getting a good workout in.  I prayed to find the keys without any luck, but gratefully I did have a spare car key under the car.  From there we drove to a rental home I'm working on and was happy to find a key still inside the lockbox.  I did some painting there until around 3:00 AM (I put the kids to bed on a sheet on the concrete floor lol; they are such troopers!)  Then I packed everybody up and headed for home.  I was absolutely exhausted, and unsure of whether I would be able to find a way into my house.  My husband just happens to be gone this week with the other set of keys, and the hidden "spare" keys were incomplete; I had no key to the screen door.  Figures!  I tried a window that is usually open and it wasn’t.  I started crying to God for help and felt inspired to use one of the kids' rubber “puddle boots” (as they call them) to push the window open, hoping that it was just stuck.  Still locked.  I desperately hoped for one more option: the bathroom window.  I removed the screen with some effort and then using one of the boots, I pushed the window open.  Success!  But *sigh* I'm not THAT thin.  The window isn’t more than 8 inches tall and a little over a foot wide.  I wouldn't fit...but I knew of someone who would.  So...I coaxed a very groggy Jaron (6) out of the car and appealed to him for help.  He did so, willingly and bravely, as I stood on the outdoor table, fed him through the window, and then eased him down into the bathtub on the other side.  My hero!  Although I was frustrated at first that my prayers did not manifest an answer in the form of missing keys and I will be out about $10 getting new keys made, everything worked out ok.  I was able to do what I needed to do.  And it makes a pretty good story.  ;)  

Yes, I know this photo has nothing to do with my story but it is pretty cute.  This was actually last week at the mall.  We bummed rides on the little merry-go-round (a kid would insert a quarter and my kids would jump on for the ride)  Then we found this nifty thing (below).  Then we waited in line for a solid 90 minutes so my kids could make a free Lego "flamingo" at the Lego store.  The only thing we had to entertain ourselves with was a horse-head finger puppet, so I used it to tell about 10 different stories to them over that 90 minutes.  Talk about having to get creative!  But they were so happy!  So I suppose we must do it again next month (word on the street is that we will be making a pirate next time!  :D  )


M vahle said...

Oh no! Losing your keys in a field is certainly no fun.
We found a set of keys in Matt's grandfather's field. According to his Grandfather, he lost those keys, 'In the 80's sometime'. So maybe they will come back in a time capsule sort of way?

debrajo said...

Oh my gosh! Wow! YOU ARE SUPER MOM!!!!!!

I've been thinking about you lot lately, and I've been wondering how you've been.

Haha! Now I know! You're just in the heart of everything wonderful and disastrous about being a mom! I heard a quote from Dave Ramsey one time--he said, "Kids wreck your life in a wonderful way." Somedays the "wreck" makes you want to cry because it's so hard, and other days it makes you want to cry, because it's just simply the most beautiful experience on earth. Three cheers for the best "struggle" of all! You amaze me, and I am super impressed at your creativity and innovation that allowed you back into your house. :) Sending hugs your way! I miss the good old high school days when I got to see you all the time.

Milletts in Houston said...

Wow! Crazy story! Glad you got in your house without having to hire a locksmith or do serious damage!

Myrtice Savedra said...

What a “lost keys” adventure you had! It must have been such a pain to have lost those keys, especially at a time like that. That's why every time we go out, I make sure that me and my hubby have the keys with us. Speaking of which, I think you should have tried to call your hubby and asked for his duplicate.

Danielle said...

oh man... so not fun! glad everything worked out for you, though!