Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Fletchers!

It’s Christmastime!  Time for the annual Fletcher-year-summary!  It's been a fun and eventful year!

Little Jaron (6 Years)
This year Jaron played Chip in his first-ever school play.  His line was two words “Here Gaffer,” and he was very very proud of himself.  He took boxing lessons earlier this year with a fantastic Mui Thai instructor  Jaron is also participating in Scouts at school and is an avid lover of camping.  However, his favorite thing seems to be art in all of its forms.  He is extremely meticulous about finishing his art and homework properly and –almost- never complains.  He always eats his vegetables and is crazy about oranges and hamburgers.  One thing that we love about Jaron is his unwavering honesty.  For instance “I want to say something mean so bad but I know that I shouldn’t.”  He is extremely fond of the holidays, but we all know that he comes by that naturally.

Stephen “Hulk” (4 Years)
Stephen is not quite as honest…but we are working on that.  He is like Whinnie-the-Pooh due to the honey jars we find he has tampered with; always followed by a sticky trail that leads back to the culprit himself.  Soccer is Stephen’s favorite sport and he is in his 3rd season.  He is in his second year of Pre School and is speaking better every day.  This fall he followed in his brother’s footsteps and has taken up singing in EVMCO’s Young Singers choir.  Try singing “Oh Chistmas Tree” in German…he can!  “Oh Tanenbaum, Oh Tanenbaum,  wei trun seind deine bleutea…….”  Stephen absolutely adores his older brother and wants to be just like him.  However, he has made it very clear that because Jaron is 6, he (Stephen) is 7.  I guess he thinks that age determines dominance.  We all know that Mom is older than Dad by two months….

Jennifer (Mommy, almost 30)
A you can see, she is very excited about her Dad's first published book. 
Mommy is keeping extremely busy as she juggles working for her sister, cleaning house, cooking wholesome meals, managing household affairs, tutoring (homework), playing (necessary for childhood survival), and chauffeuring the children from one place to the next.  She is very excited about the new band arrangement she helped produce (sheet music) of “Celtic Carol,” one of Lindsey’s songs, and has been extremely busy trumpeting all over the Phoenix Metropolitan kingdom this holiday season.   Known for being Mrs. Organized, she is currently serving as Secretary in the Primary and faithfully completes her visiting teaching every month.  This year she was proud to have put up the Christmas lights all by herself (well..Stephen helped a little).

Jaron (Daddy, almost 30)


Jaron has finally started the business of his dreams (Infosavers!) and is very happy (as you can see), but working non-stop!  He found a partner (Jared at Transfer for Less) in Mesa who is very talented at doing all the things Jaron doesn't like to do.  Jared is likewise grateful to Jaron, who brings talents he does not necessarily have to the table.  They make a fantastic team!  Jaron will be focusing 100% of his time on the business starting in January.  Jaron has also taken up regularly doing random chores around the house to help his lovely and very grateful wife, and he does a masterful job of getting the kids ready for school/transporting them every morning on his way to work so that mommy can work or sleep (when she pulls an all-nighter).  He has been active in Scouting with Jaron, religiously comes home on Monday night for Family Home Evening (often to leave again for work afterwards), and is eager to help other’s pursue family history as the ward “Family History Consultant.”  He also completes his Home Teaching assignments every month and enjoys playing basketball several mornings/week at the church.  What a stud!

Merry Christmas to all!  We love you!


debrajo said...

I'm exhausted reading about your crazy, but wonderful life! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU, TOO!

I didn't know your dad published a book - rock on.

And it doesn't surprise me that you're composing music for Lindsey & trumpeting around the valley. And also...I don't remember what else I was going to say, because it's late, but you're so cute & wonderful!

Danielle said...

Great update! Glad to hear you're all doing well! Cute family you've got there! We got to visit AZ for thanksgiving this' year. Lively place :)

Christian Cruz Bejarano said...

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