Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jaron's First Play

Jaron was a "woodsman" in his school musical, "Porridge."  I knew he was singing in all the songs, but had no idea how he was supposed to dress (when I finally contacted the teacher and found out he was a woodsman I bought him some boots at the thrift store (they look identical to a pair I had as a kid) and dressed him up like a pro!).  He also didn't bother to tell me he had a speaking part until the day of.  His part consisted of two words: "Here Gunther!"

Turns out not all the kids had a speaking part, so I was SO proud that my little man had two glorious words on the program!  I caught him on camera just as he was speaking his part and ooooohhh my little  mommy heart melted!  I now understand why my parents found joy in even the seemingly insignificant things we accomplished.  Not sure what causes that...but I could feel myself just beaming.  And so was he!  He had the cutest, sheepish smile up on stage for the next several minutes after his line; he was obviously very proud of himself.  I couldn't hear much of the play (microphone issues/technical difficulties) but his dancing/singing and those two little words made the two-hour performance all worth it for me.

Here he is saying his line :)

Special thank you to Grammie, Grandma, and Grandpa for coming to watch!  Jaron was so happy you came to see him!

And a special congrats to my Jaron!  I love you little man!

Here are some stellar moments on stage  :)

Totally digging the bobble-head thing he does in this one and the plastered smile at the end :P

He just looks like he's having more fun in this one  :)

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debrajo said...

He is adorable! This post made me smile - the whole time!

The line "Hey, Gunther" is a pretty classic memory to keep. I LOVE IT!